I've made a game, check it out.

A quick adventure game about supernatural atomic waste.
Free to download for Windows (33mb.)

Original soundtrack on Bandcamp.

INSPECT every inch of a contaminated household

QUARANTINE hazardous materials

ENCOUNTER residents

PUT yourself in danger

BE a professional

Squeak squeak. Let me tell you some important information.

1. For right now, it's only available on Windows. Squeak.

2. Playtime is estimated between 1 to 3 hours. Squeak.

3. It's sort of like a puzzle game, but also like a visual novel. We spent several months analyzing this with genre scientists until we came to the retroactively extremely obvious conclusion that that makes it an adventure game.

4. This was SUPPOSED to be a quick test project, but then Davoo decided to make it into a real game. As such, it is very badly optimized. Despite being very low res, It features both minor frame-stuttering and screen-tearing. Squeak.

5. You may wonder why there's no full-screen option. It's because the screen-tearing is even worse the larger the window is, for some reason!

6. Also, I don't know why, but it keeps getting pegged as a virus (by software like Avast.) We're going to try to fix that at some point, but SQUEAK-MY-ASS what a mess.

7. Davoo is going to have to go and study C++ for quite a squeaking while before he tries to make another game.

8. Original soundtrack by Chiaroscuro. On Bandcamp.

9. I was excited to land a role in this game, but I recently found out I was signed up for a three-game contract! What?! I mean, uh, squeak?!

In case you didn't feel like downloading it before, here's a way fancier button for it.

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Updates on the 9th of every month.

oh god the 9th came and went and i didnt notice.Here I am on the 10th, typing an update directly into the HTML while on my phone. I've been productive, but not in any of the ways I care about, hence why there's still been like no word from me lately. I don't know what I'm doing. I am indeed still doing game design stuff, but I don't have any idea if it's going to culminate in anything worthwhile. Oh well. Games are still cool. This is what video games are for. See you next month.